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Addition Of Integers Great Maths Teaching Ideas Is Owned By

Activities. Addition Of Integers Great Maths Teaching Ideas Is Owned By. Maths Magic Squares WorksheetsSMLFImage Source

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The common core standards finally make real the promise of American public education to expect the best of all our schoolchildren. The K12 Common Core State Standards represent a major advance in standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts. They are grounded in evidence about what it takes for high school graduates to be ready for college and careers and build on the finest state and international standards.

AASA is pleased to support the process for the creation of common core standards currently led by the NGA and the CCSSO. We clearlyunderstand the need for common standards, voluntarily adopted by each state, if the United States is to remain competitive in the global education environment. We also support the underlying concept of higher, clearer, fairer standards and agree that they will contribute to improve the quality of instruction in our schools and the raising of student achievement levels.

The standards form a solid foundation for the high quality education systems that states must build. If states adopt the standards and align their curriculum, assessments and professional development to the new standards, many more of their students will graduate with the skills they need to succeed in college or a career.

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